Authentic FREEDOM & abundance experience
A 3-Day Journey to rewiring limiting beliefs and  lovingly shifting through limitations so you can create total abundance in your life 
"a quick and loving way to transform your life"
The community we have here is one of massive unconditional love and vulnerability mixed with kick ass growth. 

It's awe-inspiring to witness, and it would only make sense that you get to experience the magic we experience online, in person as well!

I do so much work on getting my vibration as high as possible during these events and it creates a really incredible phenomena.

The air is almost electrified, love is literally DRENCHING the air, a feeling of ultimate safety allows for a vulnerability like no other... memories and beliefs surface and are finally fully removed.

It warms my heart to love on people so deeply, to see you for whom you truly are. And to show you how worthy, accepted and miraculous that version of you is.
miracles happen when you tap into your authentic self
and manifestation becomes second nature...
This 2-day experience is for you if You are...
  • At a cross point in your life and you are looking for  more guidance and direction.
  • Tired of struggling with the same issue over and over again and you want to finally get to the "root" of it all so you can solve it once and for all.
  •  Looking to overcome your limitations and limiting  beliefs so you can experience total abundance.
  •  Wanting to experience more peace of mind, fulfillment, and self-love throughout your day.

If you have always wanted a truly epic life filled with magic, motion, miracles, and blessings... where things you want naturally come to you... and you are ready to "let go", hit restart, and start a new chapter in your life...

...One where you step into the best version of yourself you can ever imagine... your authentic self... and experience all the amazing things that come with it, then this 2-day experience if for you.
1. Develop an authentic mind
This is all about breaking through childhood trauma, reprogramming the gray matter in your brain, building true mental strength and eliminating self defeating and fear based models of thinking and behaviors.

I have studied this in depth, both in University, and in real time with clients from all over the world and have found it is the foundation to any change desired in life, so this is a starting point (and a place to consistently revisit) for us all.
2. Master Authentic Abundance
I've managed to get myself to an incredibly different financial level in comparison to my corporate days, and I did it in what is considered very little time.

My business is on what seems to be a constant positive incline, and I am fortunate to have manifested the best in most businesses to befriend me, and help me avoid those unnecessary pitfalls.

However, all the knowledge in the world wouldn't have done anything for me, if my energy wasn't right. My alignment created those people to show up, and also created the massive flow and fast implementation.

This workshop will revolve around real tactical steps but the dominant focus will be on how to allow for that experience to flow no matter what abundance means to you. To live abundantly by being YOU, and doing what you love.
this is not about "feeling good" just for a moment... 
it's about transforming your life permanently
Learn Advanced Manifestation Secrets
Let's get weird! Covering manifestation, the science of it, and EVERYONE will walk away with knowing the why behind what they haven't been able to create, as well as have the tools to address that struggle and change it quickly.

These are the most beautiful experiences I get to facilitate and we genuinely get to the core of life.

It's not a "get hyped" and go home and drowned again experience.

It's not a "Mandy sneakily strokes her ego and makes everyone want to be just like her" experience. 

It's a deep and loving work we do that doesn't feel heavy at all. Shifts happen instantaneously and I show you how to laugh through your GROWTH. 

To create a love story with your human experience, and then how to manipulate the matter around you to create the life that is most made for your happiest you.
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If you've considered coming to an Intensive and your intuition says yes, but you haven't taken action 

If you're worried about costs or what your family or friends might think of you investing time and energy into yourself 

If you never take time for yourself (due to spouse or kiddos) 

If the idea of being vulnerable in front of other people freaks you! 

If you're looking to expand your businesses, overcome money blocks, and understand how to live an abundant life

You should be there 😝

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And in case no one has told you today,

I love you!